General Information

Home page Versions Module dependencies
Compiler 4.7.0 intelcomp/
4.8.0 intelcomp/13.0.1
4.9.1 intelcomp/15.0.1
4.9.2 intelcomp/16.0.1
4.9.3 intelcomp/17.0.0

Usage on Vilje

Load one of the proj and the corresponding intel compiler modules to use PROJ on Vilje, e.g.:

$ module load intelcomp/13.0.1 proj/4.8.0


Versions Module dependencies
PROJ Python
1.9.4 proj/4.8.0 python/2.7.3 proj/4.9.2 python/2.7.11 proj/4.9.3 python/2.7.13

The pyproj package is a wrapper to provide python interfaces to PROJ. Load one of the proj modules and the corresponding python module to use pyproj.

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