Become a shareholder and partner in Idun

We get a lot of questions regarding the cost of using Idun, or how to become a shareholder.

Idun is a shareholder machine. This means that all users with an account on Idun are affiliated with a faculty, department or research group with a support agreement with NTNU IT. If your affiliation does not have a support agreement with NTNU IT, you are not entitled to use Idun. We make exceptions for special cases or if you want to try Idun out before becoming a shareholder

To become a shareholder you have to invest in two components: Some piece of hardware, in essence single computenodes, and a support agreement with NTNU IT.

Currently (spring 2021) the pricing for an support agreement with NTNU IT is ca 22.000 NOK per year for a three year agreement or five year agreement.

The minimum cost of a computenode (spring 2021) is ca 65.000 NOK

We recomend a five year support agreement.

The cost matrix looks like this :


(cpu/gpu hourly cost also takes into account power/cooling)

Current GPUs bought are A100(40/80 GB)

support costnode costTotal costcpu/gpu hour cost per cpu core/GPU
3 year cpu (56 cores)69000900001560000.15 NOK
5 year cpu (56 cores)115000900002050000.09 NOK
3 year gpu (4 x A100)660008500009160008.10 NOK
5 year gpu (4 x A100)1150008500009650005.00NOK
3 year gpu (10gpu)66000165000017160006.25 NOK/GPU
5 year gpu (10 gpu)115000165000017650003.75 nok/gpu

To get pricing and shareholder info, please send an email to:

Arne Dag Fidjestøl <>