Idun Research Infrastructure days 2023

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The Idun cluster is a project between NTNU's faculties and the IT division that aims at providing a high-availability and professionally administrated compute platform for NTNU. It is an effort to combine the compute resources of individual shareholders to create a cluster for rapid testing and prototyping of HPC software. While the IT division provides the backbone of the cluster, such as switches for high-speed interconnection, storage, and provisioning servers, the individual faculties/departments provide the compute resources. Any faculty or department can become a shareholder in the cluster by financing compute capacity, leveraging their share of compute time as well as the compute time of other idling resources. Accounting guarantees each partner's share of compute time and ensures fairness between the users on the system. Currently, the following faculties/departments are shareholders in Idun:

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Energy and Process Engineering176
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering140
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical EngineeringDepartment of Computer Science86480
Department of Computer Science - Open AI Lab14010
Department of Mathematical Sciences762
Faculty of Natural Sciences40
Department of Physics120
Department of Physics - TEM Gemini Centre282
Department of Chemistry60
Department of Chemical Engineering28
Department of Material Science and Engineering40
Faculty of Medicine and Health ScienceKavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience56
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine10
IT DivisionHigh-Performance Computing Group158

Please contact if you have further questions regarding the system, or want to become a shareholder in Idun.