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Home page Versions PETSC_ARCH Module dependencies
Compiler MPT 3.4.1d double-real intelcomp/13.0.1 mpt/2.06
3.4.1s single-real intelcomp/13.0.1 mpt/2.06
3.4.1z double-complex intelcomp/13.0.1 mpt/2.06
3.5.3d double-real intelcomp/15.0.1 mpt/2.10
3.5.3s single-real intelcomp/15.0.1 mpt/2.10
3.5.3z double-complex intelcomp/15.0.1


3.7.4d double-real intelcomp/17.0.0 mpt/2.14
3.7.4.s single-real intelcomp/17.0.0 mpt/2.14
3.7.4.z double-complex intelcomp/17.0.0 mpt/2.14

PETSc (Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation) is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations.

Usage on Vilje

Load one of the petsc, and the corresponding intel compiler and mpt modules to use PETSc on Vilje, e.g.:

$ module load intelcomp/15.0.1 mpt/2.10 petsc/3.5.3d

All the PETSc code are built into one single library Add this library at the link stage when building PETSc applications, e.g.:

$ mpif90 petsc_test.F90 -lpetsc


Versions Module dependencies
PETSc Python
3.4 petsc/3.4.1{d,s,z} python/2.7.3
3.5.1 petsc/3.5.3{d,s,z} python/2.7.9
3.7.0 petsc/3.7.4{d,s,z} python/2.7.13

The petsc4py package provides Python bindings for PETSc.

Further Information

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