MPI and MPI IO Training Tutorial

This section is a brief introduction to the Message Passing Interface (MPI) as well as MPI Input/Output (IO). This guide is based on a tutorial made by Indiana University.

The official MPI documentation can be found here. There is also an introduction to MPI on the "man mpi" page.

Download Examples

The examples are available as a tarball. In order to run the examples the account to use has to be set properly. To extract the examples and set the proper account perform the following commands

where YOUR_ACCOUNT must be changed to your account on the system.

Details on how to compile and run the code can be found in each example:

Basic MPI

Hello World

Greetings, Master

Dividing the Pie

Job Queue


Interacting Particles

The Random Pie

Handling Errors


Writing to MPI Files

Reading from MPI Files

Writing Sequential Files with MPI-IO

File Views

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