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CESM is a fully-coupled, community, global climate model that provides state-of-the-art computer simulations of the Earth's past, present, and future climate states.

Usage on Vilje

First load the following modules:

$ module load intelcomp/15.0.1 mpt/2.10 netcdf/4.3.2 cesm/1.2.2

Building a case

The following lines compiles the CESM software for a specific compset "B_1850_CN", creates a cesm.exe executable in the users /work directory and also creates the script that is needed to submit the job to batch. The required data files for this particular case are already available on Vilje, so it will not be necessary to specify where the data is located.

$ cd /work/$USER
$ mkdir cesm
$ cd cesm
$ create_newcase -case /work/$USER/cesm/COMcont -res f19_g16 -compset=B_1850_CN -mach vilje
$ cd COMcont
$ ./cesm_setup
$ ./COMcont.build

Running the simulation

In order to run the simulation one must first specify the project account that must be used. This is done by editing the job script. The job script is called <case name>.run. In this example COMcont.run:

$ vim COMcont.run
Add the project account to the line:
Also check that the walltime is correct:
#PBS -l walltime=08:00:00
The walltime should only be a little larger than the actual run-time.

After one has corrected the job script, one submits it with:

$ qsub COMcont.run

Examining the results

At the end of the job script, the results are moved to a temporary storage sub-directory in the users /work directory. You can find the results there:

$ cd /work/$USER/archive
$ ls

Further Information

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