Introduction to parallel programming

Introduction to parallel programming

Courses lectured over several afternoons will give an introduction to parallel programming.

All courses are free of charge.

All lectures are held in English.

All courses are held twice every year (February and September).

Registration: Send an e-mail to:

(Please add your NTNU User Name in the Registration Email)

Topics covered:

  • A walk through of cluster architectures. Amdahl's vs Gustafsons law. Simple MPI-calls, programs with MPI-collective
  • OpenMP Programming for CPU and GPU, and hybrid programming (MPI/OpenMP). (OpenMP for GPU is only in September)
  • MPI: Programming examples and Algorithms .
  • (Only in February) Parallel Matlab programming and distributed Matlab using MPI.
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks is a tutorial showing the basic use of Python in a Jupyter Notebook

Install a Matlab Client on your laptop. See and Programvaredistribusjon

The MPI course consists of two parts: an introduction to MPI and a second part that covers a lot of the examples from the IBM's Redbook "Practical MPI programming", Practical MPI Programming - IBM Redbook

Remember to bring your own laptop.

(For Window users: Please install a ssh client, like X-Win32 (which you find in, or PuTTY with an X-server on your computer e.g. Xming

Date and place.

Because of Covid-19 there will not be a courses in parallel programming February 2021. We can offer a mini course in OpenMP, for few persons in a meeting room, if someone wish to have that. Please send an email to


Location:  .

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Registration: (see above)

Date Time Duration Room Subject Instructor
Aug 29 15:15 ~3hrs L10 Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks (Optional for HPC users) Bjørn Lindi (
Sep 03 14:15 ~3hrs L10 Introduction to Linux, Optional, very elementary, mostly for newcomers to "command line" linux Egil Holvik (
Sep 04 15:15 ~3hrs L10 Introduction to parallel programming Jan Christian Meyer (
Sep 05 15:15 ~4hrs L10 Introduction to OpenMP Programming part 1, with exercises in C and Fortran John Floan (
Sep 10 15:15 ~4hrs L10

OpenMP part 2. Hybrid Programming OpenMP and MPI, with exercises (C and Fortran)

John Floan (
Sep 11 15:15 ~3hrs L10 MPI: Programming and Algorithms Henrik Nagel (
Sep 12 15:15 ~4hrs L10

OpenMP part 3. OpenMP for GPU, with exercises. (C)

John Floan (