Working Directories & Quotas

Every user is the owner of a home and work directory. The home directory is located at /cluster/home/<username>, and is the current directory after login. The work directory is located at /cluster/work/<username>, and should be used as the main directory for the output of computations. In order to avoid the over-utilization of storage by a single user, both directories are limited in the size of usable disk space and number of files by a disk quota. The quota can be checked as follows:

# Check user's disk quota
$ lfs quota -u <username> /cluster

Filesystem  kbytes    quota  limit       grace  files   quota  limit    grace
/cluster    41220664  0      1000000000  -      289932  0      2000000  -

The lfs command prints the used disk space and its limit in kilobytes . In the above example, the user occupies ca. 41GB of disk space and owns 289932 files. The user's limits are set to a maximum of 1TB of usable disk space and 2000000 files.

Note, that neither the home nor work directory are backed up.

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