We would appreciate if the use of IDUN is acknowledged in any manuscript (thesis, technical report, article, etc.) that has benefited from the computational time on the cluster. This helps us to promote its use and scientific outcome of NTNU's investments in the IDUN cluster and encourage further investments.

We have written a technical report that describes the cluster, which can be referenced in your scientific work:

  title = {{EPIC}: An Energy-Efficient, High-Performance {GPGPU} Computing Research Infrastructure},
  author = {Magnus Sj\"alander and Magnus Jahre and Gunnar Tufte and Nico Reissmann},
  year = 2019,
  eprint = {1912.05848},
  archivePrefix ={arXiv},
  primaryClass = {cs.DC}

We would also like to learn about your manuscript(s) (already existing as well as future articles once they are published) such that we can include and reference them in the report. Please send an email with the details to Magnus Själander.

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