Idun Upgrades and Changes

Dear Idun User.

We have started the work on and are well underway of transitioning Idun to a new platform.

The new system is available on:
This node does not have any GPUs, so compilation for GPUs is not possible on this node.

For you this means:
1: Upgrade of the OS to centos8. This operating system comes with significant improvements and will also give us a path forward as the older centos/ platform is seeing an "End of life" in the not so distant future.
2: upgrade from old slurm 16 to new slurm 20. This will give us better management of the queueing system and more features.
3: Change from Hierrarchical modules/software structure to flat structure. This might create som issues for your job scripts and you may have to change your setup, depending on what modules you are currently using.

Your files will stay the same.

We have already moved at least 25% of the nodes to new setup and some users have been testing the setup.
We encourage you to start using this login node and test your setup as well.

We hope to move the current login nodes; idun-login[1-3] in the following weeks, unless there are som major showstoppers. is currently pointing to a GPU enabled login node. Next tuesday, this node will be migrated to the new system. is currently pointing the old system. Next tuesday, this will start pointing to the new system.

The old idun login will continue to be available on: for a while after the transition, but will probably be transfered to new system some time before easter.

Please report any troubles to:

In other News:
* We have a new partner in Idun: Jan Torgersen of Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Welcome aboard
* Kavli Institute has decided to expand their share with 6 computenodes and to buy into a compute node
* IDI is currently considering expanding their share with FPGA node(s).
* We are planning to replace the current storage system on Idun later this year. Hopefully in late autumn.

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