All courses are free of charge.

All lectures are held in English.

Date: January 30. to Februray 13. 2020

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Digital Lab Seminar will be held at room 265 Sentral bygg 1 on 6th of November 2019

Idun is currently undergoing maintenance and moving of he entire cluster. The cluster will be unavailable until Wednesday oct. 16 at aprox 15:00

Betzy is the name

The new supercomputer to run heavy duty workloads have benn named "Betzy"

The supercomputer is named after Mary Ann Elizabeth (Betzy) Stephansen, the first Norwegian woman with a Ph.D in mathematics. Read the interesting story of Betzy at NMBUs webpages (in Norwegian).

Introduction to parallel programming

Courses lectured over several afternoons will give an introduction to parallel programming.

All courses are free of charge.

All lectures are held in English.

All courses are held twice every year (February and September).

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(Please add your NTNU User Name in the Registration Email)  

Topics covered:

  • A walk through of cluster architectures. Amdahl's vs Gustafsons law. Simple MPI-calls, programs with MPI-collective
  • OpenMP Programming for CPU and GPU, and hybrid programming (MPI/OpenMP). (OpenMP for GPU is only in September)
  • MPI: Programming examples and Algorithms  .
  • (Only in February) Parallel Matlab programming and distributed Matlab using MPI.
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks is a tutorial showing the basic use of Python in a Jupyter Notebook

Install a Matlab Client on your laptop. See and Programvaredistribusjon

The MPI course consists of two parts: an introduction to MPI and a second part that covers a lot of the examples from the IBM's Redbook "Practical MPI programming", Practical MPI Programming - IBM Redbook

Remember to bring your own laptop.

(For Window users: Please install a ssh client, like X-Win32 (which you find in, or PuTTY with an X-server on your computer e.g. Xming 

Date and place. 

Date:  August 29,  September 3. to 12. - 2019

Location: Bygg-teknisk, L10 , Gløshaugen NTNU - Trondheim, Norway .

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Registration: (see above)

Date TimeDurationRoomSubjectInstructor
Aug 2915:15~3hrsL10Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks (Optional for HPC users)Bjørn Lindi (
Sep 0314:15~3hrsL10Introduction to Linux, Optional, very elementary, mostly for newcomers to "command line" linuxEgil Holvik (

Sep 04




Introduction to parallel programming

Jan Christian Meyer (

Sep 05




Introduction to OpenMP Programming part 1, with exercises in C and Fortran

John Floan (

Sep 10




OpenMP part 2. Hybrid Programming OpenMP and MPI, with exercises (C and Fortran)

John Floan (

Sep 11




MPI: Programming and Algorithms 

Henrik Nagel (
Sep 1215:15~4hrsL10

OpenMP part 3. OpenMP for GPU, with exercises. (C)

John Floan (

Klarte ikke å gjengi {children}. Kan kun finne undersidene til en side, dette er en blogpost.

Problem with Idun

We are working solving this

The system will be down until further notice.

NTNU IT inviterer 28 februar til et historisk tilbakeblikk gjennom tungregnehistorien sett fra Trondheim.

Vi tar for oss de viktigste superdatamaskinene som har vært del av tungregnemiljøet ved NTNU, med spennende og informative innlegg fra de som var tett på maskinene, enten som brukere, driftere eller kunder.

I tillegg til å dekke historien fra 1986 (Cray X-MP) til 2018 (SGI ICE X) tar vi oss også tid til å se på historien før 1986 og vil også se litt på veien videre for HPC ved NTNU og nasjonalt.

Tid er 10:00-16:00 på onsdag 28 februar 2018. Sted er auditorium A3 i Rustbygget/Handelshøyskolen (ELG-A3), ved Hesthagen ved Gløshaugen, se kart i Mazemap:

Det blir servert enkel lunsj.

Arrangementet er gratis.

Reserver plassen din hos Hoopla; det kan bli lenge til neste gang! 


10:00Åpning, ved IT-sjef Håkon Alstad, NTNU IT
10:10Tiårene før, fra Gier til Cray, ved Anders Christensen, NTNU IT
10:30Cray X-MP, ved Bjørnar Pettersen
10:50Cray Y-MP, ved Karl Henrik Eggestad
11:10Cray T3E og Intel Paragon, ved Jørn Amundsen
11:50SGI Origin,
12:10IBM Power,

Vector Architectures and Applications in the Exascale Era,

ved Juan Manuel Cebrian Gonzalez, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

13:50Trøndersk tungregning i nasjonalt perspektiv, ved Stein Inge Knarbakk, Sigma2.

Beinstrekk med kake

14:30Tre tiår med meteorologiske simuleringer, ved Roar Skålin, Meteorologisk institutt
14:50Tungregning fremover, trender og utvikling, ved Jan Christian Meyer, NTNU IT
16:00Omvisning i Datamuseet, ved Anders Christensen


Starting 6th of february, 2019

Courses lectured over several afternoons will give a introduction to parallel programming.

All courses are free of charge.

All lectures are held in English.

All courses are held twice every year.


Registration: Send an e-mail to:


Introduction to parallel programming

A new version of the Boost library, is released. Now available on vilje as a module.

Maintenance work on Vilje has now been completed and the queuing system is available for jobs.
Due to a database crash, all queued or hold jobs have been lost. We
apologize for this.

Due to system upgrades being installed, Vilje will be unavailable every day from 8:00 to 15:00 from November 21 - 25, both days included. It is possible to run short jobs from 15:00, but these must be finished by 8:00 next day.

Edit: Unfortunately we did not mange to get the new software system finished, so we are now booting the old software "image" and will continue tomorrow. Vilje should be up and running soon.

/work is back

We now believe that the problem with /work has been found and solved. /work is therefore now available again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are currently experiencing problems with /work and we don't know when the problems will be solved.


Edit: Today Thursday morning the problem have still not been resolved and the vendor is working on resolving it.