The IDUN cluster has three login nodes (see Hardware): {idun-login1, idun-login2, idun-login3}.hpc.ntnu.no. Users can log in as follows:

# Login using idun-login1 node:
$ ssh -l <username> idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no

# Login using idun-login2 node
$ ssh -l <username> idun-login2.hpc.ntnu.no
# Login using idun-login3 node
$ ssh -l <username> idun-login3.hpc.ntnu.no

Please replace <username> with your NTNU user name. Windows users will need an SSH client installed on their machine, see e.g. PuTTY or X-Win32 (on software.ntnu.no)

The idun-login3 node is the only login node equipped with a GPU.

Please refrain from performing computations on the login nodes. These nodes are only meant for file management, compilation, access to compute resources, etc.

X11 Forwarding

X11 forwarding is necessary to display editor windows (gvim, emacs, nedit, etc.) or similar on your desktop. To enable X11 forwarding, log in with the ssh -X or -Y options enabled

$ ssh -X -l <username> idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no

Windows users need an X server to handle the local display in addition to the ssh program, see this intro (from the University of Minnesota) for PuTTY users