Ansys Fluent for HPC


EDRMedeso EDRMedeso is the leading supplier of software for technical simulation, virtual construction and related services in the Nordics.

EDRMedeso is Nordic’s largest supplier of ANSYS software for fluid dynamics (CFD), mechanical/thermal/dynamic analysis (FEA), and electromagnetic calculations including electronic and system simulations. For further information please visit the website at

EDRMedeso Ambassador at NTNU

Due to growing ANSYS usage at NTNU, with a large number of active users, an EDRMedeso Ambassador at NTNU is established.

Who is the EDRMedeso Ambassador

Christoph Meraner, PhD Candidate, Department of Energy and Process Engineering. Ask Christoph if you have questions on - how to get started with ANSYS locally and on NTNUs high performance clusters - ANSYS licenses at NTNU, availability and usage - how to get technical support for ANSYS products You can reach Christoph if you are an NTNU student or employee. You can reach Christoph at or stop by his office at Gløshaugen, Varmeteknisk, rom A488.

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