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Access to Vilje

To be able to access and use, it is necessary with both an user account and a project account. The user account is a regular UNIX user account used for login with a username and password. The project account holds computing time. Computing time is allocated to the project account based on applications from project managers. A project manager is typically a professor or associate professor holding a permanent academic position at NTNU.

Project Account

Project Accounts are established on the request of project managers (Professors or Associate Professors). A project account can either be related to NTNU or to NOTUR. 25% of the overall computing time on vilje, is allocated to local NTNU projects. NOTUR allocates the remaining 75% of the computing time.

NOTUR/SIGMA2 Project account

To apply for a project account and a computing allocation from NOTUR, access the Sigma2 web pages.


NTNU local projects

To apply for a local NTNU project account on VIlje , access the Sigma2 web pages. Remember to state that you need local CPU quota on Vilje.

User Account

Access to is granted to persons affiliated with NTNU:

  • NTNU Employees
  • Postdoctoral Fellows at NTNU
  • PhD students at NTNU
  • Master students at NTNU
  • Project participants in scientific projects at NTNU

Access for Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD- and master students, and project participants must be confirmed by a NTNU employee holding a permanent academic position, like either an Associate Professor or Professor.The Professor or Associate Professor will serve as a project responsible.


"Vilje" is a national resource also available through the NOTUR-project. UNINETT Sigma2 can give access to the system based on the criteria for the NOTUR-project. See more info at UNINETT Sigma2's web pages.


Changing a password

A NOTUR-password can be changed for individual NOTUR and NorStore Systems, as well for all systems. To change password, login on the NOTUR . FEIDE-authentication is needed.

Obtaining a new password

Password can be reset by UNINETT Sigma2 and user support. To obtain a new password, send an email to or


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